Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR activity in Sunwal Nagarpalika During COVID


Sunwal Nagarpalika

During the second wave of the COVID outbreak in Nepal, the health system in place to fight the epidemic was in turmoil. Hospitals were not only lacking enough doctors and nurses to treat the patients, but they were also in a shortage of oxygen flowmeters and even hospital beds.

At Sarbottam Cement, we realized that the enormous task of fighting COVID-19 was only possible if everyone did their bit. So to provide every little support that we could to the national health system, we decided to donate several hospital equipments and other necessary items to the health workers and the medical facility located at Sunawal municipality.

On Baisakh 26, 2078, the company handed over several pieces of equipment to the Mayor and the Vice-Mayor of Sunawal Municipality, Mr. Bhim Bahadur Chhetri and Mr. Dadhiram Aryal respectively. The respected municipality authorities then provided the medical equipment to the local hospital.

As a part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility, the company provided the following equipment to the hospital located at Sunawal:

  1. ICU Bed                                                     (10 sets)
  2. Patient Monitor 5 Parameter                      (4 pcs)
  3. ECG Machine (12 Channel)                       (1 pc)
  4. Syringe Pump                                             (5 pcs)
  5. Infusion Pump                                            (5 pcs)
  6. Suction Machine                                        (1 pc)
  7. Bipap Machine                                           (3 pcs)
  8. CPAP Machine                                           (2 pcs)
  9. Oxygen Flowmeter Set                              (10 sets)
  10. Emergency Trolley (Crash Cart)                (1 pc)
  11. Defibrillator                                                 (1 pc)

On behalf of the company, Mr. Narayan Prasad Pandey handed over these medicinal items to the authorities at Sunawal municipality.

For more than a decade of its establishment, Sarbottam Cement has been socially responsible toward the community in which it operates. And it remains committed to providing further value to society and the nation as a whole by even going above and beyond the scope of delivering quality cement materials whenever possible.